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Alma Yamazaki

Alma Yamazaki

Oxnard, CA


Hello, my name is Alma Yamazaki (AKA Alma Rosa Young), I have been painting since I was a small child. Always loved to be in my room and create my own world through my art. But when I am outside, I am being inspired all the time. People, places, events, colors, juts about anything that exists on this planet and out inspires me. I'm inspired right now! :)) For me painting is an expression of myself. All my bright and dark colors.. They manifest through my art.

I am a full time painter and self-represented artist (Self-taught myself but in reality life has provided the lessons and blank canvas for me to create whatever I choose to create.

Thank you to everyone who's purchased my art and contributed to allowing me to fulfill my life passion and paint full time. This is a real gift to myself which allows me to share it to the world.

I love painting abstract, surreal, and whimsical. This allows me to fully enjoy being in the flow of painting. I play music when possible and just let my creative self flow and manifest what needs to be created at that moment.

I enjoy painting angels because I have angels all around me all the time! It's what I choose to believe and Angels always seem to manifest themselves through my paintings any way ;) One thing is true, I meet angels everyday. I see angels on my paintings even when I'm not expecting them, there they are =), But what I believe is that deep inside we are angels in disguise. There is always a loving and kind presence within all of us we just need to be reminded once in a while that we have within us an angel watching, guiding, inspiring, motivating, protecting, loving, and providing everything we need at all times. An angel that believes in us. When I am in the presence of angels, I am not just an artist, I am the creator I am in the flow of a higher power you might say, I am one with god =). I know it's a big one but even that being said I am a humble person as well. But I also like to speak from my heart and my art is loud at times and other times very calm. Spirit is my guide through my creative work.

Through my paintings I experience a sense of calmness, peace and healing which is my desire that you will feel as well. I hope you will enjoy my work, and become inspired to paint and not be afraid to connect with the Master Artist that is you within you. Let that presence of your greatest power emerge through your art and creativity.

I also teach workshops on healing with art which require no artistic skills or experience.
I believe that we are all artist from the heart and when we let go of judgment
and just be in the presence of the child, the Master Artist will emerge =))

My healing with art workshops are held in Southern and Northern California and Hawaii
Love and infinite Blessings, Alma


Golden Light Angel by Alma Yamazaki


White Cat by Alma Yamazaki


Freesias by Alma Yamazaki


Koi by Alma Yamazaki


Circle Life by Alma Yamazaki


Black Cherry by Alma Yamazaki


Tree Shadows by Alma Yamazaki


Paradise 2 by Alma Yamazaki


Paradise 1 by Alma Yamazaki


Messages From God by Alma Yamazaki


Green Tree by Alma Yamazaki


Blue Tree by Alma Yamazaki


Hope by Alma Yamazaki


Different Dimensions by Alma Yamazaki


The View From A Tree by Alma Yamazaki


Gazing Tree by Alma Yamazaki


Celestial Goddess of Love by Alma Yamazaki


Angel-1 by Alma Yamazaki


Angel And Temptation by Alma Yamazaki


Colorful Tree by Alma Yamazaki


Changes In Season by Alma Yamazaki


Audrey Basset Hound by Alma Yamazaki


Breaking Free by Alma Yamazaki


Spring Garden Magic by Alma Yamazaki


Golden Spring by Alma Yamazaki


Eagle Spirit Warrior by Alma Yamazaki


Angel of divine Healing by Alma Yamazaki


Archangel Michael The Guardian by Alma Yamazaki


Soaking the Sunset by Alma Yamazaki


Michael by Alma Yamazaki


Choir of Angels by Alma Yamazaki


Serenity by Alma Yamazaki


Picasso's Resting Angels by Alma Yamazaki


Mother's Love by Alma Yamazaki


Angels of the Sea.. Wild Dolphins by Alma Yamazaki


Manifesting Angel by Alma Yamazaki


Archangel Michael Creation by Alma Yamazaki